TGIF the end of the week for the 9-5ver the beginning of the weekend for the 9-to-LIVER or LIVER as in the organ lol. Both apply so it doesn’t matter but its Friday in Chicago. From within our network Fridays mean one of a few things as an entrepreneur. You’re either too busy to play, your life is a playground or Paypal hasn’t paid you YET (grrrr). It happens but you have to enjoy life as it comes right? We started TGIF 3 weeks ago and will try to keep it going as we seem to get busier by the week (hence the slower post) with our new national concept(s), digital publication and physical design still in the works now ISSUU our new content partner has encouraged us even more so to move forward. It’s Friday #pouradrink lets begin:

I got Beats Hustle:

So this week we have been tagged on twitter by BEAT MAKERS, A TON OF THEM. As always we respect the HUSTLE but dude who are you? Is it that hard to send a real DM introducing yourself to a content publisher if you’d honestly want us to RT or share your skills? We aren’t even rappers and barely dable in music (turbalism) so why are you bombarding us with beat request? Let us clarify this was not just your run of the mill check out my music this was I got beats for you (us) over and over. Well if anything you beat us over the head to the point of deleting you even though that’s your passion you must have tact even on social media.

Kim Kardashian & Iggy Azalea:

One day we logged in at 4 ish in the morning and what do we see the same spam bots publishing this “Kim Kardashian Diet” or “Iggy Azalea Sex tape”. The public is so gullible as this happened with J Lo when she as Kim did dated a popular black musician at the time making moves to get ahead. De Ja Kimlo and a shame that the public still…ass obsessed falls for it every time (primitive).

But what is REALLY disturbing is that those who are truly un-implanted & curvy go unnoticed because they aren’t pushed by doctors with connections who have a big stake in the female music business like labels in the prison system for rapping males. I’d love to link you but just Google it and read for yourself. The truth is out there and the public blindly turns an eye for a piece of ass whether photo shopped or REAL. Iggy, Kimye, & Minaj are ALL trashes of talent in the industry the public supports so wake up people. Please look deeper at whats happening in front of you.

Facebook VS Email for Business:

A colleague told us this week we were old school for using email for business. When we tell people we don’t like using Facebook they are up in arms about it. If you don’t have messenger the app that is stealing everyone’s privacy you’re square but hey caring about your privacy is ‘old school right?” Wrong. READ HERE IF YOU’RE UNAWARE I know it not just us but many a time we have had whole topics of lengthy discussion on FB just vanish complete Missing in Action. So after that last year we stopped using it for social media messages, chats or file exchange as it just doesn’t work for US as a business. When people get aggressive about us using twitter, pinterest and instagram for our website we just look at them and slowly switch the topic. Its just easier it seems.

Ebola Why all the sudden?

Every time something major happens that is fear mongering through the greedy media outlets we always question what is the government using such fear to cloak or slide by us? We are skeptics and thus analyze tons of information with the time presented to us. You have to admit things seem a bit fishy right? Our friends in Texas who are single parents, stay at home bloggers or indie business men take the news with a severe importance which makes us face palm and shake our heads honestly. We are stepping into Dallas this week briefly so our next TGIF will be from Dallas Texas aka Ebola Capital Apparently. When fear is used to push an epidemic (small pox, flu shots, anthrax, bird flu), idea or situation we ask that you read and question it in detail.

1  Facebook

Ever seen this movie? Look familiar?

These are our thoughts for the week on the week. If you missed the tweet we are giving you OUR READERS whether you write or not a chance to rant on our TGIF. All we need to see is what you’ve got (one image & 4 topics with passion). Send us your rants/articles by late Thursday am’s and you just may be published across our media platforms social links attached and ALL.

TGIF= Truth Gives Intelligence (to) Freedom

We love you guys, gals and all in between as you are why we do what we do and without you there is NO US. You have a purpose so we encourage you to pursue it with PASSION.

See you next Friday.
Passion is Everything

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