TGIF Right? To include ALL if you are xyz it’s still Friday. So bare with our rants of randomness. In actuality for any creative entrepreneur its always Friday, “IF” we play our cards right. RIGHT!? We have issues with consistency/patterns because it makes us feel robotic and we bore easily so we will try to bring you our weekly wrap up of things we notice on social media via #trends or in #CHICAGO. Let begin Shall we?

Celebrity Photos:

Who gives a flying rum ham about nude photos? I mean how old are we on the internet? I can see if you are hitting puberty and dry humping pillows but for real for real is it that serious. Unless they have some freakishly weird thing going on we will NEVER understand why this is popular let alone shared. As the street art says “stop making stupid people famous”.

Starting your own business:

In the society we live in now starting your own business is paramount on many levels if even partially. When your heart is in anything success surely follows. We are an example of such in a way but you have to apply yourself. Often we meet creatives weekly who are terrified of starting their own business or even trying to truly live a creative life as an entrepreneur. When we ask why every answer is different but all stem from fear. Don’t be afraid, spend less, barter wisely and get your business running so you can have time to ENJOY what life is really about.

Social Media & Videos:

This one is a bit disturbing to touch on as funny is often the misfortune of others via social media. Then we as a society share the misfortune of others but are quick to say rest in peace when things go too far or are taken out of context. IRONIC? SURE! The things we share show a reflection of who we are inside and out. Think about that the next time you share a viral video because one day it could be you on the end of misfortune. How would you feel then? Bottom line have some consciousness and class when posting.

The desire for reaction vs interaction:

In the pre youtube days your content, thoughts and words had to be genuine in order for people to care or listen. In the current age content is hijacked, shared or flat out stolen for a qureaction. Then people re-post, re-tweet or like the reaction not worried about the source for petty validation desperately seeking interaction. The world is messed up because we are no longer setting tones and moral we are all stooping to the validation of the shallow end of the pool aka the ego. No one with any sense dives in the shallow end of the pool. Think about that when you seek the shallowness of validation.

TGIF = Thoughts Gratitude Intelligence Fearlessness

We love you guys, gals and all in between as you are why we do what we do and without you there is NO US. You have a purpose so we encourage you to pursue it with PASSION.

See you next Friday.
Passion is Everything

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