TGIF Right? To include ALL if you are xyz it’s still Friday. So bare with our latest weekly rant of randomness. In actuality for any creative entrepreneur its always Friday, “IF” we play our cards right. RIGHT!? Lets talk about things we noticed this week oh man where to begin…This Gets Interesting Fast.

Government Employees:

These guys have publicly annoying jobs sure, but they also get every vacation, holiday and great benefits. We know many of them and they still complains about how cush their job is. The postal workers are the worst in Chicago they just don’t give a f**k about moving faster, being nice or even showing any remote concern. This is so annoying when you are patient courteous and cordial with them with a smile. I didn’t make you work here lady, I’m just here to pick up a package because you guys didn’t ring the door bell sheesh.

Summer Wrap Up:

Summer is over and we have tons of editing to do for our summer wrap up coming Monday. Some galleries never surfaced because we enjoyed the photos so much we wanted them to go into the digital version. Now that we have partnered with Issuu our digital publication can go alot further around the globe representing Chicago’s indie talent in the process until we are fully ready for print.

Internet and egos

We often address the net and pick our topics from what we see daily or through the week. The internet is an amazing place but equally annoying at times on twitter our main hub. The egos we witness on the net sometimes are just scary. Its understandable we live in a narcissistic society were imagery, likes and flattery boost you up but some of you need to sit down or just read a book. Its obvious you were not hugged and loved enough as a kid hell maybe now as an adult. Your posse, crew and wardrobe do not make you special enough to talk oto humans the way that you do. Anyone can be knocked down so stay humble and let your actions reflect how great you are if at all.

This Fall Weather

Looks like we didn’t jump straight into winter this year but the weather did change over night as always. This fall is looking pretty chill at the moment with tons of amazing fashion surfacing locally through bloggers here in Chicago. We see you ladies and gents styling your ass off while staying warm. Today is one of those such days where going out for a walk can definitely lighten the spirits. Fall is our favorite season we just wished it lasted a bit longer here in Chicago.

TGIF=This Gets Interesting Fast

We love you guys, gals and all in between as you are why we do what we do and without you there is NO US. You have a purpose so we encourage you to pursue it with PASSION.

See you next Friday.
Passion is Everything

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