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If you missed out on Friday via twitter we have become content partners handpicked by ISSUU the most popular digital publishing platform on the net!

Though a bit overwhelmed we really can’t wait to launch our digital & print version FINALLY this fall/winter to the city of Chicago. Our 3 year anniversary party is to be announced very soon but trust it will be worth attending in November. By us being partners with ISSUU we are now able to be put in front of millions of other magazines, publishers, readers and viewers. What this really means for Chicago creative entrepreneurs is that if you are featured, highlighted as creative of the day or published via feature or advertisement in CHM you will be digitally in from of MILLIONS of viewers. Again a bit overwhelmed BUT we will push through as we have for 3 years.

We are beyond excite as we continue to #hustleharder to put YOU the TRUE often over looked talent of CHICAGO in front of the WORLD. We appreciate you support, advice and tweet/instagram love. Keep it up #Chicago we got this, passion is every thing.


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