Microsoft Electrolumia Experience

Microsoft Electrolumia Experience After being appointed Chicago Lumia Ambassadors for our photo creativity by Microsoft one of the world’s most innovating corporate brands we were invited to come hang out with other taste makers & major influencers from Miami, San Francisco, New York, Boston & Seattle right here in Chicago. The experience we were invited […]

Chicago Hustles X New Lumia 635

Chicago Hustles X New Lumia 635 is thrilled to be able to finally share some very exciting news with you… the availability of the new Nokia Lumia 635! This device is unlike any other, as it is a smartphone with the latest and greatest operating system (Windows 8.1), but is available at a fraction of [...]

Official Chicago Lumia Ambassadors

Good Day fellow creatives entrepreneurs! We have some amazing news to share with you! Your favorite indie blog/magazine has been made Official Chicago Lumia Ambassadors by Microsoft! This is a big deal for us as we have always wanted to have a large corporate entity understand what it’s like to nurture creativity while allowing an […]

Kings Rosemont Experience

Our interest was piqued in Kings Rosemont via a few photo tags on our Instagram & hilarious #hastag conversations with Anthony Fontana a server who was also the marketing assistant for Kings Rosemont. We decided after a much needed break from the residence to take a little trip out to Rosemont to enjoy my first […]

Chicago Hustles x Nokia Lumia 1020: Craft Beer Cruise

This is the beginning of a 14 day series of post specifically for the Nokia Lumia 1020 which #connectstrial has let us demo for a while. We read so many reviews of the phone by Tech heads we rarely get to hear how some devices manage for creative entrepreneurs in the field. We live in [...]