Creative of the Day: RedAvaDesigns

Welcome to RedAvaDesigns! I design and create handcrafted earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings using vintage and contemporary beads and components, natural stones, handmade and hand-forged enamel, sterling silver, and bronze jewelry. Most of my sterling silver pieces are crafted from recycled sterling silver. RedAvaDesigns consists of three original and distinctive jewelry lines: 1. Vintage Reimagined: […]

Creative of the Day: Miss Jaynes Ceramics

Miss Jaynes Ceramics My concentration is in ceramics, both handbuilt and wheel thrown. I fell in love with ceramics because of the physicality of it as well as the utility. I could make something useful and aesthetically pleasing. Ceramics can be very challenging for me because it requires a lot of dedication and patience. Some […]

Creative of the Day: Hunter Gatherer

Hunter Gatherer is an independent jewelry and accessories brand founded by Laura Prieto-Velasco based in Chicago, IL. Hunter Gatherer’s designs juxtapose dramatic and minimal forms inspired by our shared biological roots and anthropological artifacts. Each seasonal collection is handmade in limited quantities and brings timeless wearables for men and women meant to compliment a contemporary […]

Creative of the Day: Aithō

Aithō musings, inspiration, adornments, accessories & accoutrements by metalsmith and designer Crystal Wells About Aithō Aithō is a brand of adornments, accessories and accoutrements, all hand fabricated by Crystal Wells. Inspired by her studies of fashion design and art, she makes one of a kind pieces to express and enhance individuality and style of the […]