Chicago Food Film Festival

The Chicago Food Film Festival exceeded our expectations tonight. Let us say that again it EXCEEDED our expectations. CHM is not only mad, this is our first time attending but as equally upset we could only attend for ONE day out of FOUR amazing nights on the bill. We walked in a little late so we […]

Vertical Gallery: Deck The Halls Preview

The Vertical Gallery: Deck The Halls Preview was such a good time. It was rather refreshing to not be slammed into hundreds of other patrons to just digest the artwork, time and thought put into each piece. We met the owner Patrick & Priya Shah of two amazing individuals that made the night extra […]

Sponsor: Born And Hated

About Born And Hated A Clothing company…. All due to the one ideology every human can relate to, and that is the idea of beating the odds. Represents the talent of people such as graffiti artists, fixed riders, skate boarders. Basically anyone not represented by the general public -the underground. But on a broader scope […]

Sponsor: Fourth is King

In practise for Miami CHM wanted to hit the city for the first time with some of the newest threads out of Chi-town. We sent out a call for freshness to a few designers in our network who have great concepts with style. The first to aide our call was Fourth is King. Since FIK is lacing us […]