The RIV Reunion

The RIV Reunion at the Riviera Theatre theater in Uptown was a legendary night of fun. We thank Pumpin Pete one of Chicago’s best DJs for thinking kindly enough of us to put us on the VIP guest-list for the evening. What a line up! Shannon, Outhere Brothers, Rob Base, Ten City (Byron Stingily), Curtis Mclain, […]

Chicago Bloggers Network 500th Member

The Chicago Bloggers Network 500th Member also referred to as #CBN500 was held at RM Champagne Salon a cozy little bar with an amazing pation which happen to be closed off that day because it was a littttle on the chilly side. The Chicago Bloggers Network events are always a great time  and opportunity to network […]

Chicago Reader’s Key Ingredient Cook dinner-Off

The Chicago Reader’s Key Ingredient Cook-Off was the best food event of 2013 we have attended by far. Words can not describe what you foodies & tasters missed at the Key Ingredients Cook Off. We thank Ginny Cook for giving us the love you did in favor of this event and we sincerely hope to […]

Sweater Funk Chicago

Sweater Funk Chicago at Empty Bottle was once a excellent just right time as all the time. We hadn’t been to 1 considering that final yr so our purpose used to be simply to bounce, no cameras, no audio, simply dance. That is uncommon for us as we’re all the time seeking to seize the […]

Iron Man three

Our Review on Iron Man 3 WARNING: Spoiler alerts for those who have no seen it* [divider]     Oh man Tony Starks was doing good before Iron Man 3, way good. We understand they didn’t want to over shadow any future movies but still come on man! We heard through the grapevine it was […]